Sunday Complementary  Education

No  sign ups for these, just select the ones you want and attend!

                                                             Garden A Classroom                     Garden B Classroom                   Garden Classroom C                                  Cascade C

        11:00-12:00~                          Dawn Lorraine-                                      Servello                                               Phytomer                                        doTERRA       

         12:15-1:15~                                  Lash Lift                                               TIZO                                                   Lira Clinical                                   Sweet & True

         1:30-2;30~                             D&C Couture                                       Casmara                                          Trillium  Ink Academy                   Face It-Mineral Make Up

       2:45-3:45~                               Arcona                                                   Lovely Lash                                           Image                                                Salt Hug

Garden A
11:00 -Dawn Lorraine- The Spring Awakening Facial
12:15-Fringe Beneyefits_ Lash Lift
1:30- D&C Couture- Volume Eyelash Extensions
2:45- Arcona-Get to know Arcona’s Back Bar!

Garden B
11:00- Servello-Create custom facial treatments with Servello essential oils
12:15- TIZO-Whats all the buzz about mineral sunscreen?
1:30- Casmara-Introduction to Casmara Algae Peel of Mask & Treatments.
2:45- Lovely Lash- Volume/Classic Lash extension. How to increase clients lash retention.

Garden C
11:00- Phytomer-Clean,sustainable beauty& anti-pollution skin.
12:15- Lira Clinical-Age Prevention Peeling:Mystic Elite Treatment
1:30-  Trillium Ink Academy-Career Opportunities in Cosmetic Tattooing
2:45-  Image-Targeting Specific Skin Conditions

Cascade C
11:00- doTERRA-Look, Feel, Live Younger Longer.
12:15- The Art of Sugaring, and it's Benefits with demo.
1:30- Face It Mineral Make Up & Skin-Show Your Skin Off.
2:45- Salt Hug- CBD Bath Bombs, help your body & bottom line.